Heart Chakra Connection: A transformational experience in heart matters

Balance, joy, inner peace, and compassion permeate from the energy center known as “Anahata”, the Heart Chakra. 

In this 90 minute experience you will be guided through simple yoga movements to get your energy “prana” flowing optimally. Breathwork and meditation follow to activate the heart chakra. Facilitated group sharing around heart matters of gratitude, grief, and appreciation will then be used to connect deeply with self and others. Seal in your transformational connection with a sound bath meditation that will help you embody this balanced heart chakra energy going forward. 

Guided by Kyle Jason Leitzke: a certified 1,000 hour Ayurvedic Counselor, Transformational Coach, and Group Facilitator with a passion for empowering individuals to love who they are, the path they are on, and how they are showing up in life.

When: Monday, September 25th 7:00pm – 8:30pm

Where: Hotel Wailea Wellness Studio

Cost: $55/person

Kama’aina $45/person with Hawai’i ID