Adult Classes

Aerial Yoga Classes

Aerial Yoga Flow 
Level 1- Prerequisite: None. Some floor yoga experience is advised.
A gentle flow for beginners or those wanting a more gentle practice. You will learn beginner level postures using the sling and experience the benefits of some of the basic fundamental postures. Some inversions.  

Aerial Yoga for Strength & Length
Level 2. Prerequisite: Aerial Yoga Basics and a sense of comfort in the Hammock.
This class provides a mix of some strengthening postures and some lengthening postures to get a nice balance of working a muscle group and then lengthening that muscle group. 

Aerial Yoga for Strength
Level 2/3. Prerequisite: Prior aerial yoga class here or elsewhere. 
This class provides some more challenging postures, and will use the sling to work your core, arms, and total body strength.  You will leave feeling completely worked.

Restorative or Yin Aerial Yoga
Level 1. Prerequisite: None.
This class is very gentle and relaxing. Sometimes the instructor will opt to put the silks low to the floor and use them as a props for you to relax and support the body with long holds and deep breath work. Other times the silks will be a little higher,  allowing for more inversions and different postures. But all of the postures in this class are gentle and easy for anyone. You will leave feeling completely melted.


Aerial Dance Classes

Hammock Choreography Series

Level 1: Prerequisite of 3 aerial yoga classes or a private to feel relatively comfortable using silks. 
Level 2-3+: Have completed a Level 1 series and able to straddle up from floor; or instructor permission.

5 week series class that meets 1x/week.  This a fun and challenging class that combines aspects of aerial yoga with aerial dance.  We will take postures on the sling and utilize creative transitions and movement to flow from one posture to another on the floor and in the air to create a dance to a choreographed piece of music. Each week we learn a little more of the sequence, add on, and refine it!  No dance experience needed!

*These classes are offered at various times of the year.

Dance Trapeze - Beginner Series

Intro to Dance Trapeze/Beginner Level 1:  No experience required.
Beginner Level 2: Completion of Beginner Level 1 series.
Beginner Level 3: Completion of Beginner Level 2 series.
Beginner Level 4: Completion of Beginner Level 3 series.

In this class, we will use low to the ground, single-point trapezes, which allow for gentle swinging and movement in combination with the floor. You will learn basic moves and movement on and up in the trapeze.  As you progress through the different Beginner Level series, you will learn more technique and how to compose short sequences into dances.

Dance Trapeze - Intermediate Series

Intermediate Level 1: Completion of 1-4 Beginner Series or Instructor permission.
Intermediate Level 2: Instructor permission or completion of Int Level 1.

This class is for those with some experience already! Learn more complicated techniques in the ropes, transitions, and structured creative exploration on the dance trapeze in this fun and creative workout!

Aerial Silks – Beginner Series

Beginner Level 1: No experience required.
Beginner Level 2: Completion of Level 1
Beginner Level 3: Completion of Level 2
Beginner Level 4: Completion of Level 3 

We will use Aerial Silks to learn fundamental techniques like how to climb, some foot wraps, and more! Then we will progress and learn to use these techniques to create simple combinations up in the air.  This is a 4 week series.

Aerial Silks – Intermediate Series

Intermediate Level 1: Completion of Beginner Levels 1-3
Intermediate Level 2: Completion of Intermediate Level 1
Intermediate Level 3: Completion of Intermediate Level 2
Intermediate Level 4: Completion of Intermediate Level 3

Experience required. Prior completion of Beginner series and/or Instructor permission to enroll.

Once you have taken the Beginner series, then we progress and move on to learn more difficult moves that require more advanced skills to be able to learn some drops, transitions, and sequences. Fundamental knowledge and understanding of the different wraps and how to unwrap or drop safely is required.

Aerial Silks – Advanced/Performance Series

Instructor Permission Required.

Once you have completed and shown confidence and competency in skills, strength, and can safely execute drops, then this advanced class will be a fun challenge to work on more technique and strength and put them into choreography to perform.

All Adult Classes are open to ages 16 and up, and are held at Hotel Wailea. *Please note this is at the Hotel Wailea, which is different than the Grand Wailea.