Thailand Retreat 2024

As Above, So Below: An Aerial Soul Retreat

chiang rai, thailand

October 16th - 21st, 2024

Aerial Yoga, Mat Yoga, Aerial Dance, Meditation, Sound Healing, Cultural Experiences, ELEPHANTS and More!

This retreat is beginner friendly!

“As above, so below.”

What is in the microcosm (so Below—the inner work) reflects what is in the macrocosm (as Above—the movement and dance we create in the air, the external). What is in the spiritual plane reflects what is in the physical plane. Therefore, there is unity and interconnectedness between all things in the universe.

Let’s train and play, in the air and on the ground, become centered and grounded, yet lifted and free. We balance the physical and the mental and let our spirit fly in this fun, creative, and nourishing soul retreat for those who love aerial and are looking to go a little deeper and immerse in the dance of life.

  • Aerial Lovers of all skill levels: We will be exploring the dance trapeze, silks, & hammock. Participants will get to work some on all apparatus, but then will get to focus on one apparatus of choice for the dance.
  • Soul seekers who also are ready to be a little challenged physically and mentally in who they are, their life’s purpose, and the dance that is waiting to come forth.
  • Those who are open to being creative and allowing themselves to be seen and heard in a group setting.
This is not a retreat for solely learning technique or training on an aerial apparatus. There will be some technique taught on multiple apparatus but we will be exploring choreography, movement on the ground and in the air, and bringing in other disciplines such as yoga, meditation, and healing.

“As above, so below”, encompasses the dualism of existence, that is, what we reach for ‘above’ is also what we seek to escape ‘below’. As a tree reaches for the light of the sun above, it does so as it rejects and attempts to escape the darkness of the soil below; The dichotomy is the rejection of the darkness of the soil, yet the necessity of the roots to reach deep for water and nutrients. The depth of the roots into the darkness is equal to the reach of the height toward the sun. It is the lack of awareness and “rejection” of the darkness that often limits our ability to be, exist, or see ‘above.’ Looking at the darker parts of our lives, what is below, and what we reject, and bringing these things into our awareness allows us to accept ourselves more fully and connect both parts of us. The synchronicity of these complementary opposites is strength.

As Above, So Below… What is in the microcosm (so Below – the ground work and the mental work) reflects what is in the macrocosm (as Above – the dance we create in the air). What is in the spiritual plane, reflects what is in the physical plane. Therefore, there is unity and interconnectedness between all things in the universe.

The spiritual world and the physical world are connected. In this retreat, we will look at all parts of ourselves through a multifaceted approach, but where the aerial “dance” becomes the canvas of that expression. In a supportive environment, you become willing to embrace all the parts of yourself to see how you are perfectly whole; aware of the relationship between the divine and the human, between the soul and the body. From this awareness, we begin to Awaken the Divine Dance within us.

During this retreat, we will take aerial dance to another realm, exploring intention, creativity, and authentic movement in the air, creating works of art, and will also while simultaneously exploring disintention, stagnation and the messiness and muck of the mind, and will draw out of the importance of the “darkness” of the things that you perceive that are limiting you.

This retreat will become a story of your soul; will be the lotus flower rising out of the mud. It is for someone who loves to do aerial, but is also willing to go deeper to explore the meaning behind the movement. From this place, we will create the dance of your spirit in the air that is grounded from a place of peace and understanding of being at one with the universe.

If you love to improv and be creative, you are seeking a holistic liberation of your spirit through movement, and wish to nourish your soul with healing modalities and relationships, then this retreat is for you!

Participants are not required to have aerial experience; however some aerial yoga or exploration on other apparatuses would be helpful.   Participants will have the option to take extra training time on the aerial equipment if they choose, or use that time for free time.  Each day, extra time to play and dance or train will be given on the  following apparatus:
hammock, dance trapeze, or silks. 

You will have the option to work one or multiple apparatuses of those mentioned above.

The aerial apparatus becomes a canvas for self-exploration and authenticity, for being able to dance and move from a place of connectedness with self and others.

What better place than Thailand to explore this concept! A place whose culture embraces Buddhist philosophy.

  • Luxury accommodations
  • All aerial training and equipment
  • Yoga and wellness experiences
  • Excursions
  • Sound bath
  • 1 massage
  • Local transportation (to/from airport or your hotel in Chiang Mai)
  • Breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily
  • Flights to Thailand

  • Laundry service

  • Alcohol

  • Note: Gratuity fee for the retreat staff is expected to be an additional $120 cash due at retreat.

Luxury private rooms at Fly Karavek Retreat Center in Chiang Rai, Thailand with pool, surrounded by serene natural Chiang Rai landscapes. Aerial Training and yoga/movement, in their beautiful, Open-Air Aerial Studio with high ceilings and mats.


  • All Aerial Training  (minimum of 17 hours of aerial) with Andrea “Dre” Fors.
  • Mat yoga, aerial yoga, meditation, sound bath, and wellness experiences.
  • One, 1-hour massage
  • Guided Sessions on self-exploration and mind work with expert thought leaders.



  • Monk’s Trail & Doi Suthep
  • White Temple/Guan Yin
  • Elephant Sanctuary

Sample Schedule A (some days):
6:30am-7:30am: Yoga & Meditation
7:30am-8:30am: Breakfast
8:30am-12:00pm: Aerial Training
12:00pm-1pm Lunch
1:00pm-4:00pm: Rest/pool/massage/free time
4:00pm-7:00pm: Aerial Training/Self-exploration workshop/ or Excursion
7pm- Dinner

Sample Schedule B (other days):
6:00am-11:00am: Early morning excursion to Monk’s Trail and Doi Suthep. “Seeing the Other Side”, guided self-exploration by Thought Leader. (breakfast to go)
11:00am -2:00pm lunch/ rest/ massage
2:00pm-5:30pm Aerial Training
5:30pm-7:00pm Wellness Experience/ aerial yoga
7:00pm-8:00pm: Dinner

*schedule activities/times may vary- a more detailed schedule will be available closer to retreat dates.

Andrea “Dre” Fors, has 20 plus years of experience teaching and performing aerial arts, teaching aerial yoga, yoga, pilates, and personal training. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology and a Masters Degree in Social Work from the University of Georgia, is a YACEP and 500 E-RYT yoga instructor, and is a certified holistic wellness coach through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition. She has been a wellness advocate and instructor for corporations, including Google and for 5 star resorts, like Sea Island Resort., and currently is the Wellness Director for The Hotel Wailea in Maui Hawaii, . She helped open and run two of the first handful of public aerial arts studios in the country, and served as co-artistic director, choreographer, and dancer for D’AIR professional aerial dance company in Atlanta. Furthermore, she owned a professional performance company that performed both nationally and internationally for corporate events and resorts.

Her true path to wellness didn’t become apparent until her own health was declining, and there were no conventional answers. This led her on a crusade to unravel the answers, thus she spent many years independently studying the human body, diving deep into meditation and yoga, natural medicine, nutrition, and a plethora of ways to heal her own body. It took some time, but through all of these, she finally began to turn her health around and is living her fullest and healthiest life on Maui now, helping others reclaim theirs.

She founded ‘Uplift Maui’ in 2016 as a way to bring all of this knowledge and experience together. The name itself is a play on the idea of aerial yoga and arts literally being uplifting, but it also ties in the notion of uplifting the physical, emotional, and spiritual health of the individual, and the community as a whole.

Fly into Bangkok, Taipei, or Singapore airports and take a flight directly to Chiang Mai. *Flights are not included in the retreat fee.

Bangkok (BKK) > Chiang Mai (CNX) – 75-minute flight
Singapore (SIN) > Chiang Mai (CNX) – 3-hour flight
Taipei (TPE) > Chiang Mai (CNX) – 4-hour flight

Our private retreat shuttle will pick you up from the airport in Chiang Mai and drive you directly to the retreat center in Chiang Rai (a 75-minute drive). You will be asked for your travel itinerary closer to the date.

$2750 Early Bird Registration ends May 31st, 2024

$2950 (after May 31st, 2024)

$250 Deposit due to reserve your spot: Non refundable

Early Bird pricing is due in full by May 31st, 2024; after this, pricing goes to Regular pricing.

Note: Gratuity fee for the retreat staff is expected to be an additional $120 cash due at retreat.

Limited Spots!  Maximum of 15 people.