Floating Sound Bath with Shanti Sound Healing

Suspend from the ceiling in a cocoon of silky fabric, giving you a feeling of weightlessness as healing frequencies & vibrations envelope your body from above, below, and all around!

Two sound healing practitioners, will co-create this fluid, transcendental journey together. Your evening session begins with a guided chakra meditation and aromatherapy. Over 30 metal Himalayan singing bowls, 8 crystal quartz singing bowls, a 36” water gong, frame drum, chimes and more will compose a healing symphony of divine sound. Individual attention will be given with instruments around the body as well as light touch for complete sensory support. Feel yourself floating away on a healing cloud of sound!

Event Details


Monday, April 10th @ 7pm - 8:30pm

Hotel Wailea Wellness Studio

$89/hammock or $55/mat on floor

Kama’aina use code LOCAL1 at check out.

Please note: Hammock space is limited.