Kids & Teen Classes

Our Kids and Teen Classes are held at the Little Monk Seal Montessori School in North Kihei. 

Keiki Silks Play

Ages 3-6

A fun program for kids that incorporates fitness, yoga, and of course, aerial silks and games! This is a 45 minute class great for developing strength and motor skills, plus a lot of fun!  Pre registration is required in advanced. Limited spots available!

Mondays 2:45pm- 3:30pm

Kids Aerial Silks Series

Ages 7-11

This class we focus a bit more on technique, but still incorporate some games to keep int light and fun!  Developing the skills and strength to do it safely. All levels; Beginners are welcome- we work with where the child is.

Tuesdays 4pm- 5pm

*limited to 8 students

Tween/Teen Aerial Silks Series

Ages 12 -16

For our tweens and teens, this is a great class to work on skills in the silks and sometimes other apparatus.  We focus on strength and working with the student where they are in a supportive, safe, and fun environment.  All levels are welcome.  

Tuesdays 5:15pm-6:15pm